Oh nose! Main website is still under construction!

But, no worries, I still can tell at least something... Here's some brief info, nothing else >>>

I'm a regular human being that breathes air and eats human food, but apart from that, I try to be productive in a lot of different subjects let it be art, programming, music production, 3D modelling, cooking or even math. I may burn out sometimes, but I try my best to stay on track! I'm not old, and probably way too young to surf the internet /s, but, I really like solving tech-related problems, I try myself in cybersecurity from time to time. But no matter how good computers are, I can't just sit at home for more than two or three days straight, so, I spend a lot of time outside, walking around our small cozy city. no matter where you go, you will end up in the woods, which is really cool, I really love walking around city limits, because you can enjoy the smell of coniferous forest or wood!

Enjoy your stay I guess :DDD

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